Bankruptcy cases often generate ancillary lawsuits, and we represent clients in all types of bankruptcy-related litigation matters. From filing and prosecuting proof of claims, pursuing recovery of fraudulent transfers and preferential payments, and litigating complex fiduciary matters, our bankruptcy litigators know how to traverse the unique obstacles presented in insolvency.

Our firm serves as debtor’s litigation special counsel, working to increase the assets of the estate available for creditor distribution. Similarly, we represent liquidating trustees in litigation with the experience and resources to prosecute lawsuits against former company insiders and business associates, and to pursue these lawsuits to allow maximum recovery for the liquidating trust’s beneficiaries.

On behalf of creditors of bankrupt companies, our lawyers pursue claims for unpaid amounts, executory contract assumptions and rejections, and sales of assets. We can help make sure that your business recovers its fair share of the bankrupt estate.

We also represent individuals and entities that might be targeted for avoidance claims such as those brought under Section 5 of the Bankruptcy Code. We routinely represent individuals and entities being sued for avoidance of transactions viewed by the trustee or debtor in possession as preferences or fraudulent conveyances. Our attorneys use their expertise to strategically position our clients to negotiate a settlement long before litigation is commenced.

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