The Texas Citizens Participation Act (“Texas Anti-Slapp”) is a statute that all commercial litigators must understand for disputes arising in Texas or governed by Texas law (even if in other states).  The Texas Anti-Slapp creates an early dismissal procedure for certain types of cases and can result in an award of attorneys’ fees if successful.  Texas appellate courts have determined that the Texas Anti-Slapp applies to all manner of disputes, including defamation, fraud, tortious interference, theft of trade secrets, breach of fiduciary duty, and breach of contract.  A failure to understand and anticipate the application of the Texas Anti-Slapp can result in dismissal of one or more claims and an award of attorneys’ fees and sanctions.

Our litigators have significant experience in presenting and defending against Texas Anti-Slapp motions, litigating cases to published decisions in both the State Courts of Texas and the United States Court of Appeals.

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