While the Dallas COA is currently taking a wrecking ball to Texas Anti-Slapp Motions, the Houston COA is getting in on the action, affirming the denial of three Texas Anti-Slapp motions (all on May 30, 2019).

 Most notable is Hughes v. Giammannco,  which does an in-depth analysis of what the TCPA does not apply to Rule 202 Petitions.  See No. 01-18-00771-CV, 2019 WL 2292990  (Houston COA  May 30, 2019).  This puts the 1st District squarely in conflict with the Austin and Fort Worth COAs. 

I wrote about the Houston COA coming out against the TCPA covering 202 Petitions a few weeks ago.


Hughes does a deep dive into the statutory language and explains why the COA thinks 202s do not trigger the TCPA. Worth a read if you are facing a 202 Anti-Slapp.

 North Cypress Medical Center Operating Co. GP, LLC v. Norvil, followed the Tyler COA in determining that hospital lien disputes are exempted from the Texas Anti-Slapp under the commercial speech exemption.  See NO. 01-18-00582-CV, 2019 WL 2292630 (Houston COA May 30, 2019).


 In re. Estate of Mary Olive Hull Calkins, determined that filing a Texas Anti-Slapp Motion against a Motion to Compel is not covered by the TCPA.  See 2019 WL 2292985, NO. 01-18-00160-CV (Houston COA May 30, 2019).


Now I’m headed to Houston to watch my favorite 13AA baseball team.

Geaux Texas Knights!

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