On October 19, 2015, after nearly two weeks of trial, a 12-member Laredo, Texas jury took only a few hours to return a unanimous defense verdict in favor of Cenveo Corporation. The claims in the lawsuit included breach of contract, breach of warranty, and violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. The plaintiff sought damages against Cenveo and multiple other defendants stemming from a dispute over the plaintiff’s past and future alleged inability to provide school supplies for resale to various big box retailers. In its Petition, the plaintiff sought lost profits, among other alleged damages, and attorneys’ fees. Ian Scheinmann, Cenveo’s Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs, provided “We couldn’t be more pleased with the way Wick Phillips handled this case. From the outset, the Wick Phillips lawyers were relentless in their efforts to secure the right verdict for our company.”

The Wick Phillips trial team included Jeffrey W. Hellberg, Jr. and Marcia Nelson Jackson, assisted by J. Sean Lemoine, Rusty O’Kane and local counsel, John Kazen of Kazen, Meuer & Perez, each of whom contributed significantly to the favorable outcome. In addition to obtaining a complete defense verdict on the plaintiff’s claims, the jury also awarded Cenveo damages on its cross-claim against one of the multiple co-defendants in the suit. Todd Phillips, a founding partner of Wick Phillips, notes that “Trial is always a challenging endeavor, but we embrace the challenge and go at it full force. This verdict is just one more example of how committed we are to representing our clients successfully.”

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