Allison Levy is a corporate business attorney and executive with experience specifically related to in-house positions at leading financial and consumer goods companies. Initially focused on merchant acquisition contract work at American Express, Allison quickly transitioned to a generalist role moving to AdvoCare International, where she spent the majority of her 20-year career. Allison ultimately ascended to Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, as well as Chief Spokesperson and advisor to multiple CEOs.

Allison brings her in-house and executive experience to bear for small and medium-size companies that need advice and guidance in an array of areas, allowing the business leaders to focus on growth. Every company encounters complex issues as they grow. Allison has experience fielding multiple issues simultaneously including business litigation, strategic planning and implementation, risk management, consumer and data privacy, crisis management and compliance.

Helping AdvoCare grow from a small company to at its height almost $1 Billion in revenue, Allison specifically managed and resolved a multitude of litigation, created and implemented risk assessment processes, developed and led corporate communications and public affairs function, as well as the company-wide crisis management plan that includes inquiries and oversight from federal regulators. Allison also assisted the company in forming the first Board of Directors and associated corporate governance, as well as the initial work to launch the brand internationally. Allison is media trained to represent brands both on and off the record. She maintains good relationships with local Dallas media and multiple Members of Congress.